PR Services

Online public relations (PR) is the practice of establishing, maintaining, or improving the public opinion about an organization and/or its products or services, by managing the spread of information between the organization and its target audience on the Internet. The most common goal of online public relations is to convert members of a target audience by exposing them to information relevant to their existing or potential needs, and persuading them that:

  • The organization or its members are experts or leaders in the industry;
  • The products or services provided by the organization are best suited for their needs;
  • The organization provides exceptional customer support;
  • The organization is socially responsible.

Online PR activities have a major impact on and are intertwined with an organization's SEO efforts, by way of gaining more and better inbound links, social following and sharing, subscription, commenting, and, by doing so, moving the website's search engine rankings upward.

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