Internet Marketing Services

REGOMARK offers a wide range of internet marketing services guaranteeing the highest level of specialized knowledge in each area - from planning to analytics:


Internet marketing strategy - We will draft an optimal plan of internet marketing activities necessary to achieve the desired business results, based on the following factors:

  • Nature and goals of business;
  • Target audience;
  • State of competition;
  • Existing online assets;
  • Budget.

Website planning - Based on the goals and functionality sought for in the future website, we will prepare a list of recommendations for your future website including:

  • Type of content;
  • Website technology;
  • Site structure;
  • Design look;
  • Website features;
  • Web analytics tools.

Search engine optimization (SEO) strategy - Based on the types of products or services you sell, we can compile a list of most popular and effective keywords that internet users utilize to find products and services like yours. We can also prepare a thorough competitive analysis report showing what competition you are facing and strategies your competitors use to rank high on the search engines.

Pay-per-click (PPC) strategy - Depending on your current and anticipated search engine rankings, we may suggest running select PPC ads to drive traffic to your website while the search engine rankings improve. A list of recommended keywords and projected costs will be provided in a special report.

Public relations (PR) strategy - Based on the type of your business and current state of public relations, we can prepare a list of recommended actions to acquire new and enhance the relationship with the current customers using social networking, free informational resources, direct marketing, video sharing, and more.

Conversion strategy - Depending on the type of your business, target audience, and online resources you are planning to promote, we can suggest an optimal strategy to convert your visitors into customers.


Web design and development - According to the website plan, we will build the future website’s architecture and individual components and modules. Atop of the website’s architecture, we will craft the site’s design look, graphic user interface (GUI), logo and other branding elements, which were all laid down in the website plan.

Web copywriting - While our web designers build your website, our copywriters can start writing content for it, including marketing and SEO copy. If you choose to write your own content, our web content editors will review and, if needed, recommend ways to improve it.

Audio and video production - We can increase your website’s conversion rate and improve your online public relations by producing a variety of online audio and video presentations, such as client testimonials, audio and video podcasts, infomercials, and other online multimdia resources.

Photography - We also provide professional photography services, whcih can help you increase conversion by utilizing individual and group photos of your staff members, as well as product and venue photos.

Ebook publishing - We can help you establish yourself as an expert in your field and improve your online public relations by creating an ebook, white paper, brochure, and other marketing materials in the PDF format.


SEO services - We can help you increase the volume and improve the quality of traffic to your website, blog, video, and other online resources through higher natural ranking on major search engines.

PPC services - We can help you drive more and better visitors to your website and other online resources through paid search results on major search engines.

Online PR services - We can help you improve your standing on the Internet, and thus increase the potential and actual customer base through better online public relations, including generating better and wider publicity, receiving more and better links from related and relevant websites, educating and engaging potential customers using both on-site and off-site marketing materials.


Web analytics - Learn and monitor the numeric side of your internet marketing efforts with our advanced web analytics tools and reports.

Conversion optimization - If your website or any other online resource receives a reasonable amount of traffic, but the conversion rate is disproportionally low, we can conduct quantitative and qualitative analysis of the current conversion system and suggest ways to improve the website’s conversion rate.

Customer relationship management (CRM) - Gain and keep more customers with minimum effort with a customized CRM system.

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